CHINA RAILWAY Express Train Departs Yinchuan for Budapest, Hungary

 Published:2022-06-07  【字体:

              At 11:00 on May 26, the first CRE train departed from Yinchuannnan Railway Station, bound for Budapest, Hungary, marking the official opening of a new southbound logistics channel connecting Ningxia to Europe, and thus provided a new impetus to create the new development pattern.
            It is reported that this CRE train, carrying a total of 1,300 tons of glass fiber with 48 containers, will leave the country via Alataw Pass Port, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland, and finally arrive in Budapest of Hungary in 21 days, across a whole journey of 8,500 kilometers.
           Since this year, in coordination with China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. has taken the initiative to communicate with relevant government departments in Gansu and Ningxia, despite the impact of the pandemic, and has kept a close eye on the import and export of bulk cargos to facilitate marketing, including industrial products, grains and metal mines, and has continuously optimized the whole-process logistics services, as part of their constant efforts to ensure the continuous and stable operation of CRE trains.
           Up to now, CR Lanzhou has operated 58 CRE trains this year, up 290% year-on-year, and has delivered 140,000 tons of import and export goods from/to Germany, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries, making the contribution in railway terms to the Belt and Road Initiative, the development of local foreign trade and the stability of the international industrial and supply chains.