Multiple Measures of CR Urumqi Ensure Stable Operation of CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains

 Published:2022-06-06  【字体:

           Since the beginning of this year, CR Urumqi has made overall arrangements in both epidemic prevention & control and transport operation, strengthened freight transport organization via ports, and further improved transport efficiency of CRE trains, thus securing smooth transport of CRE trains on the western corridors. So far this year, more than 2,000 CRE trains have passed through Alataw Pass and Horgos border stations.
       CR Urumqi has always attached great importance to the operation of CRE trains and has taken steps to give full play to the advantages of these two border stations, playing an active role in serving the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the economic and social development in Xinjiang. In tune with the growing trend in the import and export of raw materials and products of major enterprises in Xinjiang, CR Urumqi has made all efforts to launch CRE trains originating in Xinjiang, by exploiting the advantages of the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in Kashgar and Alataw Pass to the full, opening up green acceptance channels, and giving more support in transport capacity, to promote the transport growth of cross-border e-commerce cargos.
       To support epidemic prevention and control, CR Urumqi, in coordination with the railway authority of Kazakhstan, suspended the handover procedure of import and export goods by the staff dispatched to each other, and optimized the waybill transmission, to avoid direct physical contact and ensure the safe and efficient customs clearance of goods.
       Alataw Pass and Horgos border stations have continued their efforts to optimize the transport organization and precise dispatching and command this year, in an attempt to maximize the transport production efficiency. Meanwhile, they strengthened coordination and cooperation with the customs and frontier inspection station, by taking the joint inspection and one-shot release measures and rendering the 24-hour customs clearance services, in an effort to open up a green channel for CRE trains.
       So far, there are 78 routes passing through Alataw Pass border station, connecting 24 provincial-level regions in China, and reaching 18 countries such as Germany, Poland and Russia. Twenty-nine routes pass through Horgos border station, radiating 45 cities in 18 countries abroad.