First Broad-gauge Container Train Between China and Mongolia

 Published:2022-06-06  【字体:

          On May 25, a broad-gauge container freight train departed from Erenhot Port Station of China Railway Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. for Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. With 54 containers of cargos loaded, the train serves as the first broad-gauge container train running between China and Mongolia.
       Erenhot Port Station is an important railway port between China and Mongolia and a key exit for domestic goods bound for Mongolia. CR Hohhot has attached great importance to the outbound transport of key materials and has taken active steps toward upgrading the collection and distribution capacity at Erenhot Port Station. It has redoubled its efforts to optimize the transport organization mode, scientifically allocated transport capacity resources, and developed sophisticated transport plans. Started with the transport organization and operation links, Erenhot Port Station has coordinated with local government authorities to intensify the organization of broad-gauge container freight trains. The launching of the broad-gauge container train has offered mor options for the transport of export goods to Mongolia, and improve the trade circulation and resource transport capacity, ensuring the stability of supply chain between China and Mongolia.
       China and Mongolia run their domestic railway systems at different gauges (i.e., 1435mm and 1520mm). To cross the border between countries with different railway gauges, cross-border freight trains need to be parked at the transshipment yard of railway ports, to reload cargos onto trains fit for running at the railway gauge of the destination country before passing through the border. Giving full play to the advantages of the broad-gauge waiting-for-return trains at Erenhot Port Station and characteristics of container transport mode, after arriving at the port of Mongolia, this train will directly head for Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital, omitting the transshipment process, thus substantially reducing the transport time by 30% and significantly improving the transport efficiency.
       Erenhot Port Station maintained close contacts and liaisons with the local government, the customs, the frontier inspection station, as well as the railway authority of Mongolia, to clear any obstacles in the border crossing operations through consultation at any time, in an effort to build a solid railway line of defense against the pandemic. They fully took the advantages of the 95306 digital port system to optimize customs clearance process and save time, and also made scientific layout of freight sections, in addition to coordinated arrangement of manpower, machines and tools, to intensify loading and unloading organization of container trains and to ensure more efficient and faster operation of the broad-gauge container trains.