Steadily Improved Operation Quality of CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Secures Stable International Industrial and Supply Chains

 Published:2022-05-30  【字体:

          Since the beginning of this year, the operation quality of CHINA RAILWAY Express (CRE for short) trains has been steadily improved, demonstrating strong development resilience and taking an active role in securing stable international industrial and supply chains. From January to April, a total of 4,813 CRE trains carrying 461,000 TEUs were operated, with a year-on-year growth of 3% and 4% respectively, a factor of loaded containers up to 97.5%, as well as an inbound/outbound ratio of 86%. In April, the traffic volume of CRE trains remained stable, with a monthly number of trains operated over 1,000 for 24 consecutive months, and a transport duration of about 15 days for the main routes.
         For the sake of ensuring smooth logistics and stabilizing the industrial and supply chains, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (CHINA RAILWAY for short) has recently issued a specific work plan to call for more intensified measures to guarantee smooth railway traffic, with a clear focus on the organization of international through traffic. CHINA RAILWAY urged all the subordinates to ramp up efforts to strengthen the organization of freight traffic sources for CRE trains, reinforce the communication and coordination with foreign railway enterprises and authorities, optimize the capacity utilization at all the ports under overall arrangements, and expand the formation of CRE trains crossing the border via Erenhot and Manzhouli ports, so as to take full advantage of the port capacity.
        Earnestly implementing the requirements of the work plan, the relevant CR regional groups have adopted active moves and taken all possible steps to ensure the smooth operation of CRE trains. CR Harbin has made constant efforts in promoting the construction of railway terminals at the ports and strengthening coordination in international intermodal transport, to guarantee the smooth process of handover at ports, train operation and information exchange. It also applied the 95306 "digital port" system to streamline the customs clearance process and shorten the clearance time. CR Hohhot has coordinated the allocation of transport resources at the station area of Erenhot Port, and improved the efficiency of transloading operation by a series of measures, including opening new container transloading yards, and optimizing the integration process of transloading and frontier inspection. CR Urumqi has made every effort to build up a smoother transport channel across Alataw Pass Border Station. It strengthened communication with the foreign sides, kept abreast of the categories and number of inbound wagons, reasonably allocated the receiving-departure tracks and transloading tracks according to cars on hand, and taken optimization measures to shorten the times for loading, unloading, placing-in and taking-out of wagons, to ensure the fulfillment of the daily shift plans.
        Insisting on the anti-epidemic measures targeting people, objects, environments and facilities, the railway authorities have enforced the epidemic prevention and control at the ports. The relevant CR regional groups have strengthened the management of workplaces, equipment and facilities, as well as staff members at the ports, taken measures to cooperate with local epidemic prevention authorities in sampling tests and preventive disinfection on cargos, carried out closed-off management on the personnel at key positions, in addition to regular nucleic acid testing and disinfection of entire trains received.