Over 2000 CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Crossed Alataw Pass Border Station This Year

 Published:2022-05-17  【字体:

          At 9:35 on May 7, a CRE train originating from Ma?aszewicze Station in Poland and fully loaded with cargos, including gearboxes, PE products, and motor supports, approached Alataw Pass Border Station in the charge of CR Urumqi, marking the number of CRE trains crossing the border via this frontier station surpassed 2000 this year.
     According to statistics, the single-day number of CRE trains crossing Alataw Pass Border Station reached 16 trains on average, up to 24 trains on the busiest day this year. In order to ensure the smooth and efficient passage of CRE trains via the port, Alataw Pass Border Station established a routine communication and liaison mechanism with Dostyk Border Station in Kazakhstan for forecast of incoming trains regarding freight categories and numbers of cars on a three-day advanced basis, so as to reasonably allocate the receiving-departure tracks and reloading tracks in consideration of the cars on hand of the station. The station managed to shorten and optimize the times allocated for loading and unloading, placing-in and taking-out of wagons for bulk and stack-loading goods, cargos carried by CRE trains and those delivered on arrival, by timely adjusting the loading and unloading tracks according to the categories forecast of imported goods, to ensure the fulfillment of daily shift plans. In addition, the station also kept close track of Dostyk Border Stations cars on hand for various categories in Kazakhstan, to timely adjust the categories of cargos and number of loaded wagons to be delivered, thus ensuring smooth wagon delivery for exported goods.
      As part of the constant efforts to shorten the customs clearance time of CRE trains at the port and improve quality and efficiency of the CRE train service, Alataw Pass Border Station has optimized service measures in close collaboration with the local customs. Taking the initiative in serving enterprises, they initiated some new service modes, such as “Customs-Train Operators Partnership for Secure and Expedited Clearance of CR Express Carried Goods (C-TOP) and Railway Fast Pass, rendered contactless one-stop services, and opened up green channels and dedicated windows for CRE trains, launched numerous measures such as paperless declaration, automatic verification and release and 7×24 hour booking for customs clearance, to boost the efficient operation of CRE trains.
      At present, 24,000 CRE trains have crossed Alataw Pass Border Station cumulatively on a total of 78 routes, reaching 24 provincial-level regions in China and 18 countries such as Germany, Poland and Russia.