1000th CHINA RAILWAY Express Train Originates from Old Revolutionary Base Areas in Southern Jiangxi

 Published:2021-10-25  【字体:

  On September 24, X8098 CRE train carrying daily necessities and other goods departed from Ganzhou International Inland Port, heading to Budapest, Hungary via Alataw Pass Portm, which is the 1000th CRE train originating from the old revolutionary base areas in southern Jiangxi. Since the beginning of this year, Ganzhou International Port Station of China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. has actively undertaken the freight traffic sources shifted from other modes of transport, reinforced the transport organization assurance, and provided one-stop transport services for related enterprises. From January to August this year, 201 CRE trains originated from Ganzhou International Inland Port, up 71.32% year on year.