More than 10,000 CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Operated This Year

 Published:2021-09-22  【字体:

  Since the beginning of this year, CRE trains have maintained a strong growth. By the end of August, a total of 10,030 CRE trains had been operated, with 964,000 TEUs shipped, up 32% and 40% year-on-year respectively. The target of 10,000 trains was reached two months earlier than last year, and the comprehensive loading factor of containers for round-trip reached 97.9%. Since May 2020, more than 1,000 CRE trains were operated per month for 16 consecutive months, and more than 1,300 trains were operated per month for 4 consecutive months since May 2021, making positive contributions to ensuring the stability and smoothness of the international industrial chains and supply chains, and promoting the domestic and international dual circulations.

  According to the Freight Transport Department of CHINA RAILWAY, since the beginning of this year, in view of the strong demand for CRE trains, CHINA RAILWAY has continuously improved the coordination mechanism at home and abroad, and made every effort to undertake the cargoes shifted from sea and air transport. It has improved the carrying capacity at ports, strengthened the transport organization, improved the operation efficiency, and continuously played the role of CRE trains as a strategic corridor between China and Europe.