First CHINA RAILWAY Express Train to Paris Launched by China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd.

 Published:2021-07-02  【字体:

  On the morning of June 2, a CRE train full of living and medical supplies departed from Taiyuan, heading for Paris, France. This is the first CRE train operated by China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. for through transport to France.

  In addition to various living supplies, this train carries nearly 90,000 disposable sterile syringes, which will play an important role in the joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

  This CRE train, consisting of 50 forty-foot containers, will cross the border at Erenhot Port of Inner Mongolia, pass through Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and other countries, with a journey of about 11,000 km, and arrive at the Valenton Station in Paris, France after about 20 days' operation.