Bu Qingsong


 Bu Qingsong, associate researcher of Energy Saving & Environmental Protection & Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation with a master’s degree, is mainly engaged in technical research, experimental consultation and administrative management in the fields of railway ecological environment protection, noise & vibration control, etc. Bu has led and participated in drafting of several national standards related to vibration and impact such as "analysis and research on the damping effect of typical ground barriers on railway track", "noise field distribution, source intensity characteristics and attenuation law of passenger dedicated lines", "implementation and evaluation method of railway environmental noise standards" and "post-evaluation research on ecological environment of Qinghai-Tibet Railway". Bu's research results have been applied in key projects such as Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway and Beijing Metro. He has provided valuable references and relevant suggestions for railway environmental vibration control, train noise source intensity and implementation standards, ecological environment protection for plateau railways, and pollution control of urban rail transit systems, as well as the basis for guiding environmental impact assessment of railway construction projects on noise and vibration source intensity and control measures. He also led or participated in national, provincial and ministerial and railway administration scientific research projects, and has won many third-class and second-class prizes.