Che Dehui


 Che Dehui, a research fellow with a bachelor's degree in the Transportation and Economy Research Institute of CARS, is mainly engaged in the research and development of railway freight technology, and has made outstanding contributions to railway container transport, loading and unloading machinery, loading and securing, over-limit cargo transport and railway military transport. As the intermodal transport expert of the Ministry of Communications of P. R. China, freight technical expert of the National Railway Administration, chief expert of the container group of railway freight safety risk management, expert of the loading and securing group, and second-level expert of the PLA logistics support equipment technology, Che has taken charge of or participated in more than 20 scientific research projects at the national, provincial, ministerial and bureau levels, and presided over and participated in over 100 technical service projects entrusted by enterprises. Che has won 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology award, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes of bureau-level science and technology award. As the holder of 3 national invention patents and 12 utility model patents, Che has published more than 10 academic papers and been involved in the preparation of 1 monograph.