Cheng Jianfeng


  Cheng Jianfeng, male, is a research fellow in Signal & Communication Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited (CARS) with postgraduate qualifications and a master's degree.

  1. He is mainly engaged in the modeling and development of complex train control system, research of simulation test device for train control system and intelligent maintenance system for train control on-board equipment, etc. Dedicated to the field of railway communication and signaling since taking up the post in CARS, he has been actively involved in the formulation of standards and norms for train control system and carried out the functional development, system design, application and maintenance of independent and domestic on-board train control equipment. With a leading role in the R&D of CTCS-3 independent train control system of CARS, he tends to deal with the issues of core technology and simulation test technology in an creative way. On this basis, he studies and develops the next-generation train control system, and gradually reduces the track-side equipment to achieve the satellite-positioning-based application that is suitable for railways in western China.

  2. He has reached five high-level innovation achievements, including: prototype and trial of independent C3 train control system, simulation test platform of general train control system, prototype and trial of C3+ATO train control system, E51 EMU train control system, and intelligent maintenance system of on-board train control equipment, etc.

  3. He has participated in 1 special project under the national fund and 1 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of  P. R. China. As the person in charge, he has presided over 1 significant project and 7 important projects of CHINA RAILWAY, 6 administration-level significant projects and several administration-level important projects. He, who has published 20 academic papers, won 2 first prizes and 1 second prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology award, and 4 first prizes of administration-level science and technology award.