Feng Jun


Feng Jun, bachelor’s degree holder, associate researcher of Signal & Communication Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, is mainly engaged in research, development and promotion of wireless shunting locomotive signal and monitoring system (STP), marshalling station automation and centralized control system (CCS) at EMU depots, which fills the technical gaps in shunting safety control in the railway signaling industry. He has established the technical system of wireless shunting locomotive signaling and monitoring (STP), and popularized the products to be used in 2,000 locomotives in 1,500 stations, and effectively controlled the safety risk of shunting operation and its disturbance to train operation, making CARS technologies and products accounting for 70% of the whole railway market and creating an output value of nearly RMB 1 billion. In addition, he has innovated a technical standard system of train traffic control for large and complex stations based on the centralized control system (CCS) of EMU depots using STP and marshalling station automation technology, which fills the gap in the technical system of signal system, greatly improved the automation of train traffic control of China Railway, promoted the application of the products at 16 EMU depots, creating an output value of nearly RMB 400 million. He has undertaken or participated in more than 20 scientific research projects at the national level, provincial and ministerial level and CR regional group level. He has won many science and technology awards, including 2 first prizes at provincial and ministerial levels, 1 top prize, 5 first prizes and 2 second prizes at CR regional group level, and over 7 patents for invention, and published 10 academic papers.