Gao Wenhui


Gao Wenhui, a master degree holder and researcher of Metals & Chemistry Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, has been engaged in scientific research in the field of rail welding for a long time and has solved many key technical problems in the field of seamless rail welding technology for high speed, heavy haul and plateau railways. His main achievements and contributions are as follows: he has studied and established the integrated rail welding bases for high speed railways in China, which is an independent innovation. He has innovated the key technology of heterogenous rail welding, studied and optimized the key technology of rail welding for heavy haul railway, and solved the technical problems of high strength microalloyed rail welding and heat treatment. For the first time in the world, he established a complete set of rail welding technology for plateau railways, established a scientific and reasonable rail welding technical standard system with China's independent intellectual property rights. Internationally, he is responsible for the development of a series of ISO standards for rail welding. He has made important contributions in leading the progress of rail welding technology in China and promoting Chinese rail welding technology internationally. He took charge in or participated in over 30 scientific research projects at the national, provincial, ministerial and CR regional group levels. He won 1 top prize and 4 third prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology award, 3 second prizes of CR-regional-group-level science and technology award, was awarded 5 patents for invention, and published 27 academic papers.