Gao Zhenkun


Gao Zhenkun, a master degree holder and associate researcher of Metals & Chemistry Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, is mainly engaged in research and development of welding technology, equipment development and standard formulation. He presided over the development of a large DC stationary rail flash welder and realized the localization of the core equipment on the production line of long seamless rail. He presided over many core technologies of domestic mobile rail flash welder, post-weld heat treatment machine, integrated equipment for welding and heat treatment, and vehicle-mounted stationary rail flash welding system for integrated rail replacement. He presided over the compilation of 2 technical standards and won the Mao Yisheng Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited. He has achieved five high-level innovations including mobile rail flash welder, mobile U-shaped rail flash welder, mobile induction-heating post-welding heat treatment equipment for rail, rail flash welding system for large rail changing trains, large DC stationary rail flash welder, etc. He took charge in or participated in 27 scientific research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, including 1 key project planned by the Ministry of Science and Technology and 11 key projects of CHINA RAILWAY. He won 1 second prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology award, 2 first prizes and 1 second prize of CR-regional-group-level science and technology award, was awarded 7 patents for invention, and published 31 academic papers.