Test Line for National Urban Rail Transit Equipment

 Published:2019-01-03  【字体:

  In 2002, for the purpose of speeding up the development of Chinese urban rail transit equipment manufacturing sector and increasing the domestic manufacture level of urban rail transit equipment and according to the Reply on the Feasibility Study Report of Metro Train Construction Project with Independent Intellectual Property Right of the former State Planning Commission (J.C.Y.[2000]No.2466), China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited (CARS) implemented the urban rail train test transformation project at National Railway Track Test Center and built up the test platform of metro train with independent intellectual property right. Hence National Railway Track Test Center initially had the testing capability of urban rail transit vehicles.

  To realize safe operation of urban rail transit, develop and improve Chinese technical standards on urban rail transit sector, satisfy the demand of rail transit equipment certification and survey, rejuvenate Chinese urban rail transit equipment manufacturing sector with higher domestic manufacture level, and improve the independent innovation competency of urban rail sector, and with the leadership and support of NDRC, China Communications Association and the former Ministry of Railway, CARS had, on the basis of National Railway Track Test Center and the transformation project of urban rail train testing, taken full advantage of the existing testing facilities to build up a world-class urban rail transit equipment test line featuring all-round testing capacity.

  With an overall length of 8.6km and maximum testing speed of 140km/h, the test line of urban rail transit equipment consists of various curves radius such as 300m, 600m, 1200m, etc. and slopes ratios such as 10%, 25‰, 35‰, etc. as well as special curves with radius of 110m and 150m that cover almost all extreme conditions of actual operation. It can satisfy the demand of various train tests required in the Rules for Inspecting and Testing of Urban Rail Transit Vehicles after Completion of Construction (GB/T14894) such as static test, line operation test, 5,000km adjustment test, etc