State Key Laboratory of EMU and Locomotive Traction and Control


  In 2009, China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited (CARS) and CRRC Corporation (former CSR and CNR) jointly applied to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for SKL construction. Upon the approval of MOST (G.K.F.J.[2010] No.718), the construction started in 2010 and passed the ministry acceptance approval in 2016. The laboratory assessment by MOST in 2017 represented a satisfactory result.

  The SKL of Multiple Units and Locomotive Traction and Control was led by CARS and built by CARS and CRRC with three bases located in CARS, Dalian and Zhuzhou, which are governed by CHINA RAILWAY and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of State Council. The laboratory, in the charge of the laboratory director, establishes a council, an academic board, a secretariat and other organizations.

  The laboratory drew extensive experience of domestic SKLs and advanced international experience and persists in general planning, reasonable layout, innovative mechanism, resource integration and targeted breakthrough. Given the characteristics and demand of rail transit development in China, the laboratory has, on the basis of existing traction and control laboratory owned by the joint builder, optimized organizational structure, transformed and upgraded the existing facilities, and purchased a batch of advanced experimental equipment and computing analysis software to form nine experimental departments dedicated to whole-train traction, integrated control, traction system, auxiliary system, train-mounted control system, motor transformer, power semiconductor, sensor, key equipment reliability and environment. It aims to develop the technology innovation system of independent intellectual property rights in design and manufacturing, science research and test, quality inspection, criteria compilation and amendment, etc., leading the development of rail traction and control technology in China.