State Key Laboratory of HSR Track Technology


  Upon the approval in 2008, the construction of State Key Laboratory (SKL) of HSR Track Technology kicked off in the same year and passed national acceptance check in 2012, which was among the first batches of enterprise-built SKLs approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is governed by CHINA RAILWAY and supported by China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited (CARS). The director of the laboratory is Researcher Ye Yangsheng and the director of academic board is Academician He Huawu, Vice Chairman of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

  The laboratory has 5 test platforms, namely track structure, bridge structure, rock-soil and tunnel, engineering material and BIM technology & numerical simulation with sound science research and experimental conditions. Guided by the significant up-to-date science and technology issues of foundation engineering of HSRs and the national demand of HSR development, the laboratory concentrates on the systematic research of HSR structure and engineering of bridge, subgrade, tunnel and material, which is a world-leading comprehensive research and experimental platform featured with HSR track technology research, product R&D, achievements transformation and talent training.