Innovative Use of 18 Types of Smart Robots in Construction - Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station in Operation


       On December 26, 2023, Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station went into operation, becoming a hub station responsible for the origination and termination of trains on multiple routes, including the Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway, and Guangzhou-Maoming Railway. After the schedule adjustment on January 10, Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station handles 104 passenger train services daily, including 42 high speed train services on the Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway.

  When viewed from above, 104 petal-shaped steel structures outline a beautiful pattern, making Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station look like a blooming kapok flower. “The station poses high management difficulties, because the exterior design of the main station building is unique, the structure is complex, and the construction volume is large,” said Liu Jun, Chief Engineer of the Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station project at China Railway Construction Engineering Group. To enhance management efficiency and ensure project quality, the project team innovatively used a large number of smart robots in construction.

  Non-track all-position crawling welding robots can achieve 90-degree upward, downward, and lateral crawling welding without presetting tracks; concrete intelligent dynamic fabric laying robots reduce the operation that used to require three workers to just one person; ground leveling robots can achieve high-precision concrete polishing construction, improving efficiency by more than 40% compared to traditional methods. During the construction of the Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station, a total of 18 types of smart robots were involved. “Through large-scale trials and feedback, the performance of smart robots has been improved, and this will further promote the development of the construction industry’s robot industry chain,” said Liu Jun.