New Achievements of Four Power Systems in MODERN RAILWAYS 2023


    The MODERN RAILWAYS 2023 recently held its specialized exhibition for the four power systems in Beijing. The exhibition focused on showcasing outstanding achievements in the intelligent construction and operation of China’s railway four power systems, making it the most extensive, comprehensive, and impactful display of products and technologies in this field.

  According to the organizers, the specialized exhibition was divided into three parts: Industrial Smart Manufacturing, Intelligent Construction, and Smart Operation. Leading enterprises in the intelligent construction and operation of China’s railway four power systems, including China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co., Ltd., participated in the exhibition, displaying a total of 74 relevant exhibits. These products and technologies covered various speed levels, including high speed railways, dedicated passenger lines, and normal-speed railways, as well as diverse environmental conditions such as high-altitude, low-temperature, and high-salinity areas.

  Lin Yunzhi, Chief Engineer of China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co., Ltd., explained, “Our flexible continuous traction power supply system technology, utilizing the latest modern power electronics, has solved a series of technical challenges in the stability of the catenary coupling system and oscillation suppression.” This technology has constructed a flexible continuous traction power supply system, marking a significant transformation in the field of electrified railway traction power supply systems worldwide.

  In addition, the exhibition highlighted the independently developed modular invariable tensile force unrolling wagon by China Railway Electrification Bureau Group. The erected contact wire achieves a minimum straightness accuracy of 0.02 millimeters per meter and has been used in major projects such as the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway.

  According to information gathered at the exhibition, China’s high speed railway four power system intelligent construction revolves around three major platforms: “smart management, command and dispatch, and intelligent construction.” Utilizing intelligent tools such as invariable tensile force unrolling wagon, the mechanical installation of billions of components and equipment of four power programs can be conducted after factory pre-assembly, enabling automatic data collection, calculation, statistical analysis, decision-making, and application on construction sites. This approach comprehensively enhances the level of construction for high speed railway four power systems.