Chinese High Speed Trains to Make Their First Export to Europe


    Recently, high speed trains with a maximum operating speed of 200 kilometers per hour, customized for the Hungary-Serbia Railway, have entered the trial production stage. This marks a significant breakthrough as Chinese high speed trains with a speed exceeding 200 kilometers per hour are set to be exported to Europe for the first time, achieving a major milestone in exporting high-end rail transportation equipment.

  Chinese manufacturing companies, building upon mature and reliable technological platforms, have developed these trains with enhanced intelligence, environmental friendliness, and passenger comfort, in accordance with European Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI), European technical standards, and the specific requirements of the Hungary-Serbia Railway. The exported trains are powered by a distributed electric system and consist of 20 carriages in total (5 sets of trains), with each train unit comprising 4 carriages (2 power cars and 2 trailer cars).

  This export of train units is a tangible practice of the ongoing deepening and solidification of cooperation between China and Serbia under the framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Since the inception of the Hungary-Serbia Railway project, Chinese manufacturing companies have actively conducted market research in Serbia and facilitated technological and cultural exchanges, contributing significantly to this collaboration in the field of high speed trains.