Loop Line of National Railway Testing Center Renew Record of Test Speed


   (Reported by Zhou Qiong and Deng Caiping in Beijing, April 18th) Recently, driven by the goal of implementing the spirit of the two sessions by realizing the self-reliance and self-improvement of quality railway technology, China Academy of Railway Sciences Co., Ltd. carried out an engineering test at the National Railway Testing Center to raise railway train speeds on the loop line to 220 km per hour, setting the latest test speed record of 222.2 km per hour, which marks a step forward in the comprehensive test capacity of the Center.   

  It is known that the National Railway Testing Center currently has the largest railway loop line for comprehensive tests in Asia, and the only one in China, with a total length of 61.1 kilometers. It consists of the comprehensive test line on the outer loop, the urban test line on the middle loop, and heavy haul test line on the inner loop. The successful upgrading of the loop line capacity can satisfy the demand for tests of 200 km/h speed level, which is conducive to enhancing China’s railway research and testing capacity to provide a better platform for testing and inspection for the development of China’s high speed railway technology and raising the international influence of the loop line, providing strong scientific and technological support for China’s high speed railway abroad.