CARS Expert Wins ISO Award


   (Reported by Zhou Qiong and Deng Caiping in Beijing, April 5th) Yu Bing, a worker in the Institute of Standards and Metrology of CHINA ACADEMY OF RAILWAY SCIENCES (CARS), recently received the “ISO Excellence Award” from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This is the first time that a railway expert in China has won this award.   

  ISO is a highly authoritative and influential international standards organization. It established a technical committee in the field of rail transportation in 2012, titled “International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Railway Applications” (ISO/TC269). In recent years and under the careful organization of the competent department of standardization as well as with the full support of the relevant railway units, CARS, as the domestic technical counterpart of ISO/TC269, has fully participated in and promoted the internationalization of railway standards, striving to shape ISO/TC269 into a significant platform for China’s railway technical standards to enter the international cycle and to open a new chapter of the mutual promotion between international and domestic technology.   

  In April, the mountain peach trees in Nyingchi are in full bloom, attracting tourists from all over the country to enjoy the  flowers. The China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. increased publicity efforts and transport capacity accordingly, making constant improvements in service quality to provide passengers with a better travel experience. This photo shows a Fuxing bullet train running on the Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway . Photo by Qi Guoqing