"GHG-800 Fixed Rail Welding Machine" Passes Technical Review by CHINA RAILWAY


         GHG-800 fixed flash butt rail welding machine, in a suspended structure, consists of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, water cooling, dust eliminating, data analysis system, and fault self-diagnosis system. This rail welder can realize flash butt welding of different rails through any combination of continuous, pulsating, and preheating processes, making the adjustment of the flash butt rail welding process more flexible and convenient. The rail welder can automatically detect technical parameters such as rail temperature, ambient temperature, and grid voltage, and carry out process compensation according to the needs of the original temperature field and late stable burning. The rail welder has the functions of automatic centering, measurement, and built-in automatic shearing. It is also equipped with the functions of intelligent fault diagnosis and health early warning, enabling the real-time monitoring and online alarm of welder operation condition.
      Key innovations:
  1. For the first time, the high-power DC fixed flash butt rail welding machine was successfully developed in China, with the corresponding technical indicators put forward, improving the self-developed system of rail welding equipment in China.

  2. Key innovative technologies were developed, including frame-type mechanical device, high-power DC power supply, intelligent control, welding data acquisition and monitoring system, active constant temperature control of hydraulic system, and locking fast shearing device.

  3. The welding process control theory of heat compensation based on temperature field was put forward, and a multi-mechanism welding process system integrating continuous, pulsating, and preheating welding processes was established, making the adjustment of flash butt rail welding process more flexible and convenient.

  The success of developing the fixed flash butt rail welding machine filled in the technical gap of large DC flash butt rail welding in China, making the situation that China has to completely rely on imports in terms of key rail welding equipment totally changed, marking a milestone in the development of China’s rail welding technology. The outcome of this research was granted with four utility model patents, three invention patents, and one software copyright.