" Container-shaped All-in-One Machine for Flash Welding and Induction Heat Treatment " Confirmed in CR’s Technical Review

 Published:2022-05-16  【字体:

         Under the framework of CR’s research project of the Development of All-in-one Machine for Rail Flash Welding and Induction Heat Treatment and Research on Installation and Application of Rail Welding Car, the container-shaped all-in-one machine for flash welding and induction heat treatment was confirmed in CR’s technical review.
     According to the actual requirements of flash welding of rails in China, it is proposed to integrate the advantages of flash welding and induction heat treatment technology with the proven models of mobile flash welder and induction heat treatment car. The new mode where the welding and induction heat treatment are conducted at just one clamping for both on and off the line cuts equipment input, operating time and operating personnel. The progress achieved helps exempt the needs for a large number of vehicles for different operations, improving the efficiency of on-site flash welding.
     Key innovations:
    1. With the interrupted center axis and/or four-axis structure, the design integrates the flash welding mechanism and the miniaturized heat treatment mechanism for series resonant intermediate frequency heating.

    2. Direct in-situ pressure-maintaining induction heat treatment after flash welding of rails is realized.

    3. The proposal of the automatic operation process and control method which integrate ail flash welding and heat treatment helps innovate the construction organization.

    The research has secured three utility model patents, one design patent, and one software copyright.