"GX-160J Comprehensive Patrol Inspection Vehicle" Passes Technical Review of CHINA RAILWAY

 Published:2022-05-12  【字体:

        The GX-160J comprehensive patrol inspection vehicle, which was developed by relying on the research project of CHINA RAILWAY Comprehensive Inspection and Monitoring Analysis and O&M Decision-making System Research of HSR Equipment Based on 160km/h Track Vehicle, passed the technical review of CHINA RAILWAY.

        The GX-160J comprehensive patrol inspection vehicle consists of 160km/h diesel-electric drive track vehicle platform, track geometric parameter inspection system, rail profile inspection system, track structure status inspection system, tunnel clearance and contour inspection system, tunnel structure status inspection system, OCS geometric parameter and contact wire wear inspection system, OCS suspension status inspection system, communication & signaling trackside equipment status inspection system, TEDS trackside equipment status inspection system, sound barrier status inspection system, rainfall and wind speed/direction monitoring equipment information inspection system, vehicle multi-dimensional motion compensation system, positioning synchronization system and onboard comprehensive data analysis and processing platform. In a word, the vehicle can realize synchronous data acquisition, analysis and processing of railway professional equipment including track maintenance, communication & signaling and power supply as well as the environmental monitoring equipment along high speed railway on one trip.

    GX-160J comprehensive patrol inspection vehicle highlights the following innovations:

    1. The 160 km/h diesel-electric drive comprehensive patrol inspection vehicle was developed for the first time, and the vehicle enjoys better running stability and reliability.

    2. Innovations were made in automatic defect recognition technology based on PCA screening, LDA modeling and K-means clustering. Such methods as stereo-dynamic triangulation, spatial modulation synchronization under microsecond time sequence and superuniform lighting and confocal detection of photoelectric structure are applied to improve image definition, fault recognition rate and geometric detection accuracy.

     3. Synchronous acquisition, accurate positioning & data sharing, trend prediction and comprehensive correlation analysis technologies are adopted. Status detection and automated analysis of HSR infrastructure equipment and environmental monitoring equipment were integrated, improving detection efficiency and quality of track maintenance and communication & signaling departments.

    The project has applied for 2 invention patents and 1 utility model patent. 2 software copyrights were granted.