“GCD-1000IIx Heavy Track vehicle” Passes Technical Review by CHINA RAILWAY

 Published:2022-05-10  【字体:

          “GCD-1000IIx heavy track vehicle”, supported by the research project of CHINA RAILWAY Development of GCD-1000 Track vehicle, passed the technical review by CHINA RAILWAY. The vehicle mainly consists of car body, running gear, power system, AC power driven system, braking system, and electrical control system, with the maximum self-propelled speed and maximum coupled running speed of 120 km/h, a starting traction force greater than 200 kN, and a rheostatic braking force greater than 140 kN. The vehicle is designed in the AC/DC/AC electric drive mode, with high drive efficiency, good adhesion performance and high stability. The vehicle is equipped with two power drive systems of mutual backup, which can work in parallel or separately to facilitate driving safety. The vehicle is equipped with a rheostatic brake, working in cooperation with an air brake to meet the speed control requirements on 30% long steep grades. With the low-speed running function, the vehicle can be used to tow construction vehicles to travel at a low speed.
        The vehicle is technologically featured as follows. Firstly, two identical AC/DC/AC drive systems are adopted, with a rated power of the engine of a single system of 522 kW and a power of the complete vehicle of 104 kW. The two power driven systems can separately drive the complete vehicle to run and serve as a backup for each other, to improve the safety of the complete vehicle operation, or they can operate jointly to meet high-power traction requirements. Secondly, the vehicle is equipped with a rheostatic brake, which can be applied in combination with an air brake to meet the speed control requirements on 30% long steep grades, and is designed with a ramp starting assist function to prevent rolling backwards during ramp starting. Thirdly, the vehicle is equipped with a distributed bus control system, to realize the functions of real-time monitoring of operation status, fault self-diagnosis, operation data recording, etc. Fourthly, the traction system has the functions of electric braking control, low constant speed control, skid and idling resistance, and end change without flameout. Fifthly, the vehicle is equipped with an AC power driven system, to effectively improve the adhesion coefficient and improve the traction efficiency of the complete vehicle.
        With the maximum self-propelled speed and maximum coupled running speed up to 120 km/h, the vehicle can reach the operation site quickly. Due to the high traction power and good braking performance, the vehicle can meet the operation requirements under various working conditions, especially the towed operation on long steep grades, to effectively utilize the maintenance window, save labor and material resources, improve operation efficiency, ensure operation effect and improve operation safety performance, bringing about good social benefits.
        The research outcomes comprise two utility model patents granted.