Upgrading and Capacity Expansion of 12306 System

 Published:2019-07-26  【字体:

The website building of 12306 system has made it possible for passengers to obtain convenient travel services, such as identity verification, ticket purchase, electronic payment, short message remind, punctuality inquire and insurance purchase through internet, which has completely eliminated the queue up for tickets, gaining the huge social benefit. With the continuous increase of railway transportation capacity and passenger flow, it is necessary to further optimize and upgrade the system in order to enrich the service functions for passenger, improve the safety protection level and enhance the management efficiency. The upgrading and capacity expansion of 12306 system has added some functions: firstly, new services such as waiting list ticket purchase, continuous transfer, trip remind, electronic payment on board, electronic invoice are added and it supports automatic reading of electronic passport, Hong Kong and Macao return certificate and ticket sales and collection based on Taiwan compatriot certificate; secondly, group ticket purchasing service is provided for major customers of enterprises. International users could be provided ticket purchasing services in English and the payment of international bank cards with non-Unionpay logo; thirdly, it also supports the internet services such as catering, hotel, and traveling booking; fourthly, it supports the name-verification payment, effectively contain the false accounts through pretending others’ identity or third-party website ticketing; fifthly, the pilot project of e-ticket service is implemented to realize the ticketing paperless and diversification. The whole journey vouchers will directly enjoy more convenient travel services, so as to further improve the satisfaction of passenger experience.