Project of Electronic Railway Freight Bills

 Published:2019-07-18  【字体:

Due to the complexity caused by the 30 kinds of paper bills in railway freight, there are problems such as the low electronic level of bills, repeated collection of the same information, and the lack of standardization and uniformity for information, which affect the efficiency and quality of railway freight service. With the implementation of the project of electronic railway freight bills, the operation processes are creatively integrated and optimized, and the existing independent specialized information systems are connected with each other. Through the integration of multiple systems and close cooperation of multiple types of working posts, the electronic circulation and seamless connection of customer requirements and internal production information are realized, which greatly reduces costs, improves transport efficiency and improves customer experience. Meanwhile, it has realized the sharing of freight data throughout the whole process, which greatly improves the data quality, and basic data are provided for carrier clearing and data exchange of the international multimodal, through-traffic transport. It has solved the long-standing historical problem of manual operation for railway freight transport, and realized the revolutionary progress of freight bill circulation, which is a breakthrough in the reform of railway freight transport.