PHM Research of Rail Mobile Equipment

 Published:2018-12-26  【字体:

  Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) is a management science broadly applied in various sectors, which includes two parts: one is prognosis that predictably diagnoses the performance of parts or system in accordance with the existing or historical performance status so as to determine the remaining longevity of such parts or system; the other is health management that makes appropriate decision of maintenance activities in accordance with the diagnosis result, forecast information, available resource and use purpose. PHM presents the change of methodology, maintenance strategy and philosophy so that the afterward or regular maintenance is replaced by condition-based maintenance.

  To improve the safety and availability of rail vehicles and effectively reduce maintenance cost, CHINA RAILWAY kept arranging the scientific research projects on PHM and has gained preliminary results.

  I. Full coverage of all types: PHM research has been conducted for different types like locomotives, EMUs, passenger and freight cars. The PHM Plus strategy is developed for locomotive that focuses on critical parts and realizes PHM step by step; the PHM application research is carried out on manufacturing service, practical application and theoretical model of EMU that has accumulated valuable experience; for passenger and freight cars, the history data are sorted out and after summarization and restructuring by big data technology, the digitalized track record and archives have been established.

  II. Close cooperation between CR groups and rolling stock manufacturers. As the user of mobile equipment, CR groups own overall information of operation and maintenance, while as the manufacturer, the rolling stock manufacturers are in possession of the production information. Both sides closely communicate and cooperate to build a multi-dimensional and full-lifecycle data chain of rolling stock, which horizontally covers all data of design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, while vertically includes the data generated from the three-level business administration, i.e. grass-root stations and depots, CR groups and CHINA RAILWAY.

  III. Strengthening planning and making major breakthrough: under the strategy of general planning and step-by-step implementation, on one hand, the research team strengthened the top-level design of train PHM by establishing the application framework, clarifying an open and sharing model and formulating data criteria and rules; on the other hand, in line with the practical conditions of professional operation and maintenance management of rolling stock, the team pertinently selected the critical application and most urgent matters for targeted breakthrough, attempted PHM application and set up demonstration projects for exemplary reference.