Zhengzhou Hangkonggang Railway Station Opens to Traffic on June 20
Shaping a New Pattern of Zhengzhou Railway Passenger Transport Hub in Coordination with Zhengzhou Railway Station and Zhengzhoudong Railway Station

 Published:2022-06-28  【字体:

          On June 20, after more than 4 years of construction, Zhengzhou Hangkonggang Railway Station, a passenger transport terminal connecting Zhengzhou-Chongqing HSR, Zhengzhou-Fuyang HSR and Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Airport Intercity Railway, is put into operation, shaping a new pattern of Zhengzhou Railway Passenger Transport Hub together with Zhengzhou Railway Station and Zhengzhoudong Railway Station. According to CHINA RAILWAYs arrangements, this station takes charge of passenger transport services for 121 passenger trains.


          Zhengzhou Hangkonggang Railway Station, formerly known as Zhengzhounan Railway Station, is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, and its construction was commenced in November 2017. For the sake of bringing more convenience to passengers by identifying the station location through the name, the local government and CHINA RAILWAY decided through consultation to rename the station as Zhengzhou Hangkonggang Railway Station from May 31, 2022.
          The station is built with 32 receiving-departure tracks and 30 passenger platforms, as well as 3 yards in a parallel layout, respectively for Zhengzhou-Chongqing HSR, Zhengzhou-Fuyang HSR and Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Airport Intercity Railway. Before the full completion and opening to traffic, the station only handled the technical services for train operation in the mode of construction without suspension of train traffic. During its construction period, No. 5 to 8 tracks were open on December 1, 2019, realizing train operation throughout Zhengzhou-Chongqing HSR and Zhengzhou-Fuyang HSR; No. 24 to 27 tracks were open on December 12, 2020, realizing train running on the whole Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Airport Intercity Railway; No. 1, 2, 10, 21, 22, 31 and 32 tracks were put into service on October 12, 2021, realizing the track transfer within a yard. The station was fully completed in June 2022.
          The station building is architecturally shaped to imply Cranes bless China, based on the cultural elements of the Lotus and Crane Rectangular Bronze Vessels”, a bronze vessel from the Spring and Autumn period unearthed in Xinzheng, with the facade made up of the top curve of the rectangular vessel and the crane wings. The station building is in a vertical layout of the elevated waiting floor, platform floor, entrance and exit hall floor and metro transfer floor from top to bottom, covering a floor area of 149,000 square meters, and the station also accommodates the logistics passages, production buildings, parking lots and other supporting facilities, with a floor area of 234,000 square meters.
           Adhering to a series of concepts, such as people orientation, passenger service, scientific and technological innovation, low-carbon and environmental protection, this station has been built into a modern and intelligent terminal with integrated transport services. Designed in an innovative overall layout with the station building as the core, the station is furnished with the air-rail transfer, high speed railway logistics, long-distance passenger transport and tourism distribution centers, to enable passengers to transfer among high speed railways, intercity traffic, air transport, metro and other transport modes, and to build a convenient hub with smooth, integrated and efficient travel services. Applying the innovative energy-saving technology, the station is built with the 66,000 square-meter fair-faced concrete platform canopies with low-carbon construction and light maintenance, as well as a constant temperature system and a zone temperature control system, to create a comfortable and constant temperature waiting environment, and make every effort to build a green and low-carbon hub with ecological technology and warm and comfortable atmosphere. Innovatively adopting the full life cycle management and BIM digital technology, the station leverages digital technology to drive intelligent construction, systematically integrating the intelligent passenger services and production control platform, and making an all-out effort to build an intelligent hub featuring the intelligent and efficient operation backed by cutting-edge technology.
           CHINA RAILWAY meticulously organized competent units to make preparations before the opening of the station in strict compliance with relevant regulations and standards, e.g., testing & inspection before acceptance, safety assessment, and comprehensive optimization & adjustment of all professional equipment, employee pre-job training, etiquette training and emergency drills, in a bid to fully support the operation of the station.
           The opening-to-traffic of Zhengzhou Hangkonggang Railway Station is of great significance in further improving the functions of Zhengzhou Railway Passenger Transport Hub, facilitating the people’s travel, and promoting the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration.