CR Kunming Achieves Stable Performance and Securing Progress in Container Transport

 Published:2021-12-31  【字体:

  As of December 15, China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. has achieved a container delivery of 22.325 million tons this year (exceeding the annual plan by 325,000 tons), and fulfilled the annual objective on December 7, 24 days ahead of schedule. Stable performance and securing progress have been achieved and increased volume and favorable price ensured in intensive transport.

  CR Kunming has finely organized the container dispatching, properly arranged the container circulation and improved the use efficiency of containers. It has supervised each station and depot to speed up container transport, delivery and repositioning, accelerate container circulation and improve container utilization rate. The corporate group, station and depot and each railway station have made proper coordination with China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., given full play to the two container repair yards in Wangjiayingxi Station and Taohuacun Station, established maintenance specifications and supporting mechanisms, made every effort to guarantee container repair, container management and canopy repair work, thus improving the container utilization rate.