Zhengzhou-Taiyuan High Speed Railway Sees First Spring Festival Travel Rush

 Published:2021-02-18  【字体:

  "Sir, please put your ID card here, and after face recognition done successfully, you can put on your mask and enter the station." At 7:20 on January 28, Jincheng East Station welcomed its first passenger flow on the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush in 2021. In front of the self-service checking gate, Xie Bing, a passenger clerk, was patiently explaining how to use e-tickets for the targeted passengers.

  This is the first Spring Festival travel rush after the whole Zhengzhou-Taiyuan HSR was put into operation. As many travelers chose to stay where they work during the Spring Festival holiday due to the epidemic, the station was less crowded on the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush. "Now is a crucial period for the epidemic prevention and control. Although passengers are not as many as the past years, the quality of our services cannot be compromised." Xie Bing said.

  Zhengzhou-Taiyuan HSR is a "golden corridor" for Shanxi tourists to travel in winter. Focusing on both the epidemic prevention and control (both passengers and goods) and the safe transport at stations along Zhengzhou-Taiyuan HSR, China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. has provided meticulous and thoughtful services to offer passengers a safer and warmer travel experience during the Spring Festival travel rush.