Diagram-based Trial Running Launched on Zhengzhou-Taiyuan High Speed Railway

 Published:2020-12-02  【字体:

  At 6:55 on November 20, D55562 train left Zhengzhou Station and headed to Taiyuan South Station, marking the beginning of the diagram-based trial running on the entire Zhengzhou-Taiyuan HSR.

  Zhengzhou-Taiyuan HSR, consisting of the Zhengzhou-Jiaozuo section (i.e. Zhengzhou-Jiaozuo Intercity Railway) already open to traffic and the new Jiaozuo-Taiyuan section, is an important component of the main corridors in China's HSR network of "eight north-south lines and eight east-west lines". Zhengzhou-Taiyuan HSR will cut the train operation time between Zhengzhou and Taiyuan to more than 2 hours, thus playing an important role in promoting economic development in regions along the line, facilitating people's travel, and promoting the exchange of talents.