CR Harbin Fights Against Blizzard to Guarantee Railway Transport Safety in Spring

 Published:2022-05-09  【字体:

         On April 25, some locations of Hulunbuir in the west of the Greater Khingan Range were stricken by heavy snowstorms, hindering the operation of normal traffic. China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. promptly initiated their emergency response plan, organized officials and employees, and mobilized more than 100 snow removal machines and tools along certain railway lines including Harbin-Manzhouli Railway, Hailar-Yimin Railway and Yakeshi-Linhai Railway, to remove ice and snow for major tracks, turnouts and crossings, expending an all-out effort to secure the safe and smooth railway transport.

         CR Harbin has made arrangements to allocate flexible snow removal manpower resource according to the snow conditions and requested more than 1,000 on-duty officers to be present at all times, to ensure ice and snow were removed in a timely manner at the stations and along the tracks. Employees paid close attention on incoming weather conditions, arranged for orderly train scheduling, clearing out ice and snow, as well as organizing emergency evacuation for passengers, and strengthening the maintenance and patrol inspection of train operation equipment, overcoming adverse weather conditions to ensure normal operation.

    CR Harbin has established a stable liaison mechanism with relevant local authorities to exchange passenger-flow information and adjusted their train working diagram to flexibly adapt to the realistic travel conditions for weather-affected passengers. Strict measures have been taken at relevant stations to secure reliable passenger transport services, strengthening the removal of ice and snow at critical locations such as station entrances and exits, overpasses, underpasses and platforms, adding anti-skid mats and safety warning signs at key positions, and arranging additional personnel to guide passengers when boarding and alighting.

     CR Harbin has also improved the vehicle turn-round schedule and timely adjusted the wagon flow organization in snow areas to facilitate imported fertilizers transportation through Manzhouli port, ensuring timely delivery of spring ploughing supplies. In addition, the capacity of power plants and their daily unloading abilities have also been dynamically controlled, guaranteeing thermal coal transport in the Daxinganling region.