Anti-epidemic Supplies Transport to Shanghai and Jilin Ensured by Multiple Measures

 Published:2022-05-09  【字体:

         In recent days, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. supported the epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, Jilin and so forth, by timely grasping the transport demands of anti-epidemic supplies and coordinating the transport capacity as a whole with freight trains, luggage and parcel carriages on conventional trains and special high-speed trains carrying epidemic control supplies. From March 1 to April 26, CR Shenyang delivered 3,410 tons of anti-epidemic supplies to Shanghai, Jilin and other places.

         To immediately respond to the demands for the transport of supplies to aid Shanghai, CR Shenyang coordinated with local authorities to give priority during vehicle request, vehicle allocation, docking, loading, coupling of cars, order acceptance and transport, and strictly supervised the daily loading and short-haul transport of key supplies at freight centers under its administration. At the same time, the epidemic prevention and the disinfection operation, as well as cargo loading and unloading, and other critical links shall be highlighted for the management to ensure a safe and speedy delivery of epidemic prevention supplies.

     Besides facilitating the transport channels of freight trains and in order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin province, CR Shenyang has also actively coordinated with suppliers, together with Shenyang Branch of China Railway Express Co., Ltd. and various other organizations, to transport epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities into Jilin, by using luggage and parcel carriages of conventional trains and special high speed trains departing from railway stations in Shenyang and Dalian.

     In order to secure the transport of key supplies, CR Shenyang conducted a special study on working out its transport plans, and adopted practical measures such as setting up fast channels, traffic organization with priority for the entire process, and dedicated personnel for monitoring, to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of epidemic prevention supplies to the destinations.