"Slow Train" now Recognizes E-Passes

 Published:2020-07-06  【字体:

  With the application of e-passes to conventional-speed railways across China, No. 8818/8817 public-welfare "slow train" (Taiyuan-Lingqiu) now formally accepted the e-passes, allowing the passengers to enjoy their easy travel only with their ID cards.

  This "green-car" slow train runs in the Taihang Mountains with a total distance of over 300 km. Passing through Lingqiu county, Wutai county, Daixian county and Fanshi county, which were once national poverty-stricken counties, the "slow-train" with a whole-journey fare of only RMB 19.5 has become a "small train of happiness" for the people living along the route.

  During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, most of the passengers on this train are migrant workers and students returning home. "Instead of running back and forth with my suitcase to pick up the ticket, now I can directly check in by swiping my ID card", said by Mr. Dong, a freshman in Shanxi Polytechnic College, returning to his home in Lingqiu.