"Slow Trains" Boost Rural Revitalization

 Published:2020-06-03  【字体:

  On May 12, on the No. 7504 "Fumin" train running from Longxi to Qinglin, baskets of big cherries were especially eye-catching, attracting passengers all over the carriages.

  Seeing that his cherries were sold out to passengers and counting the hard-earned money, Hou Jinfu, a fruit farmer living in Weinan town, smiled. Hou Jinfu said that according to his calculation, in this sales season of cherry, he takes a "slow train" to Tianshui every day in a fare of RMB 5 (single trip), at the current average price of cherry of RMB 30 per kg, he earns nearly RMB 800 per day for selling 30kg cherry, deducting the meal expenses. Besides, he enjoys the safe and comfortable travel on the trains that are operated no matter rain or wind, which greatly reduces his travel costs and makes his life more and more prosperous.

  Since 2017, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. has taken the public welfare "slow train" as a vivid practice of poverty alleviation through transportation, and has taken the lead in upgrading and building the "Fumin" public welfare "slow train” (No. 7504/7503) from Longxi to Tianshui.

  Over the years, with innovative ideas, low fares and warm services, this "slow train" running on Tianshui-Lanzhou Railway has helped local economic and social development, supported the fortune-making of urban and rural residents, and has become the most popular transport tools for local people to go to fairs and visit relatives.

  With the continuous development of the poverty alleviation work, in order to further expand the coverage of railway poverty alleviation and help the people in remote and poor areas to shake off poverty and become rich, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. gives full play to the role of "poverty alleviation through transportation", continuously improves the operation plan of public welfare "slow train", and builds the "slow trains, good life" service brand with local characteristics through the principles of "one strategy for one railway" and "one brand for one train". It now operates 11 pairs of public welfare "slow trains" from Lanzhou to Wuwei South, from Changzheng to Baiyin West, from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang and from Longxi to Qinglin in Gansu Province. Adhering to low fares, high service quality, safe and convenient travel, it has given full play to the important role of railway transportation in poverty alleviation, and truly made these trains become "fortune-making train" and "convenience train" for the people.

  According to the relevant official of the passenger transport department of China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd., in 2019, 11 pairs of public welfare "slow trains" operated by China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. made a total ridership of 2.34 million, with a daily average of 6,400 person-trips. Wushan County, Gangu County and Maiji District, which No. 7504/7503 train passes through, all have shaken off poverty. This is closely related to the "Fumin" public welfare "slow train" which plays an important role in promoting the economic and social development in regions along the route.