Surge in Fresh Cargo Volume on China-Laos Railway Ahead of Spring Festival

 Published:2024-02-19  【字体:

     Kunming, February 2 (Reported by Zhou Tao) - Recently, specialty products from Southeast Asian countries, such as tropical fruits, Laotian beer, and cassava flour, were orderly unloaded at the Wangjiayingxi Container Center Station. At the same time, at a vegetable base cold storage 20 kilometers away, Yunnan’s lettuce, coriander, and finger radishes, among other specialty vegetables and fruits, are being packaged. Shortly, they will be transported via the China-Laos Railway’s “Yunnan-Vientiane Express” international freight train to Southeast Asian countries.

  As the Spring Festival approaches, the transportation of New Year goods on the China-Laos Railway continues to be lively. CR-Kunming has taken measures to ensure the safety, orderliness, and efficiency of New Year goods transportation by improving transportation plans, strengthening operational organization, and enhancing service quality. Since the beginning of 2024, the Kunmingdong Railway Station and the Wangjiayingxi Railway Station have unloaded a total of 196 trains and 3,916 tons of imported fruits from the China-Laos Railway, an increase of 146 trains and 2,708 tons compared to the same period last year. In terms of exports, the China-Laos Railway transported 107 trains and 1,719 tons of Yunnan fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, bok choy, and finger radishes, using cold chain transportation throughout the entire journey.

   In response to the surge in pre-holiday fresh cargo volume, Kunmingdong Railway Station has tracked the transportation of goods throughout the entire process, strengthened communication with customers, and implemented full-process monitoring. By doing so, they provided timely feedback to customers on the transportation status, arrival times, and container pickup times for fruits and vegetables. Given the high timeliness requirements and strict quality requirements for fruit and vegetable transportation, the station prioritizes processing, loading, and transport of trains carrying fresh cargo, opening a green channel for export goods and ensuring the smooth transportation of New Year goods on the China-Laos Railway.

  To significantly reduce the waiting time for refrigerated container trains at the station, Kunmingdong Railway Station has strengthened coordination between various positions, organized designated vehicle pick-up and delivery points, coordinated various technical operations simultaneously, and adopted fixed locomotives, fixed shifts, and fixed tracks to ensure the safe and punctual departure of international freight trains on the China-Laos Railway.