CHINA RAILWAY Express Train from Nanjing to Tilburg Launched

 Published:2021-06-01  【字体:

  On May 10, loaded with 100 TEUs of goods such as LCD, industrial machinery accessories, textile and clothing, the first CRE train from Nanjing to the Netherlands in Western European departed from Yaohuamen Freight Yard in Nanjing. It will cross the Chinese border via Alataw Pass in Xinjiang, and finally arrive at Tilburg, the Netherlands, after passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and other countries. The whole journey takes about 18 days.

  CRE trains originating in Nanjing have been put into operation since 2015, and have successively been operated to Moscow, Almaty and other cities. The operation frequency has increased year by year. As of the end of the first quarter of this year, the value of import and export has exceeded USD 2.9 billion. With the opening of this route to Tilburg, the layout of overseas routes and destination stations of CRE freight trains originating from Nanjing is more optimized, now covering 7 Eurasian countries.