CHINA RAILWAY Express Service Launched on Haolebaoji–Ji'an Railway

 Published:2021-01-26  【字体:

  Recently, a CRE train loaded with 800 tons of clothing, bags and suitcases, fabrics and other cargoes departed from Jingbian North Station on Haolebaoji–Ji'an Railway. This CRE train will stop in Xi'an for transfer and assembly, and then head for the major cities in Kazakhstan, Belarus and other Eurasian countries. This is the first time of CRE train services handled on Haolebaoji–Ji'an Railway.

  The operation of this CRE train is an important measure for deep incorporation of northern Shaanxi into the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and jointly building inland international trade corridors, as well as a concrete action for the old revolutionary base areas in northern Shaanxi to promote the construction of modern logistics system and the deep involvement of local coal chemical industry with an annual capacity of 100 billion tons to international markets and global supply chains.