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  • 韩城车务段青年志愿者在街道宣传铁路安全知识.jpg

    Youth Volunteers from Hancheng Locomotive Depot Publicize Railway Safety Knowledge on the Street

      Youth volunteers from Hancheng Locomotive Depot were publicizing railway safety knowledge on the street on November ...

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  • 重庆客运段G310次列车组织开展消防知识宣传活动.jpg

    Fire-fighting Knowledge Publicized on EMU Train G310 by Chongqing Passenger Transport Depot

      The knowledge of fire-fighting was publicized on EMU train G310 by crew members from Chongqing passenger Transport D...

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  • res13_attpic_brief.jpg

    High-speed Railway Express Delivery Upgraded to Boost Logistics during ‘Double Eleven Online Shopping Festival’

      On November 11th, the railway department officially launched the transport service for ‘Double Eleven Online Shoppi...

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  • 九江长江大桥加固改造工程钢主梁架设完成.jpg

    The Steel Girder of Consolidation and Reconstruction Project of Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge Erects

      On November 12th, the constructors erected the last steel deck on Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge. The steel girder of...

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  • 太原机务段推进检修标准化 确保一线机车优质充足.jpg

    Taiyuan Locomotive Depot Carries forward Maintenance Standardization to Ensure Quality and Quantity of Front-line Locomotives

      On November 8th, the workers of the overhaul workshop of Taiyuan Locomotive Depot were lifting locomotive components...

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  • 中铁快运工作人员将货物送上“复兴号”列车.jpg

    ‘Top-speed Delivery’ Service Launched on Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway

      To realize the full potential of Fuxing EMU Trains, China Railway Express Co., Ltd. has joined hands with logistics ...

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