About CR



  I. Headquarter

  1. Internal departments (21): General Office, Reform and Legal Department, Planning and Statistics Department, Finance Department, Science & Technology Management Department, Personnel Department, Labor & Health Department, International Cooperation Department, Capital Operation and Development Department, Materials Management Department, Informatization Department, Transport Bureau (General Affairs Department, Operation Department, Traffic Control Department, Locomotive Department, Vehicle Department, Power Supply Department, Track Maintenance Department, Communication and Signaling Department, Price Management Department), Construction Management Department, Safety Supervision and Management Administration, Audit & Assessment Administration, Supervision Administration, Publicity Department, All-China Federation of Railway Labor, National Railway Youth League Committee, Party Committee of Affiliated Departments, and Retiree Administration.

  2. Organization managed by CR with authorization of the State Council (1): Railway Public Security Administration (10th Administration of the Ministry of Public Security).

  3. The General Office of CHINA RAILWAY serves also as the Office of CPC Party Leadership Group of CHINA RAILWAY, the Personnel Department of CHINA RAILWAY as the Organization Department of CPC Party Leadership Group of CHINA RAILWAY, and the International Cooperation Department of CHINA RAILWAY as the Office of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs of CHINA RAILWAY. The Supervision Administration of CHINA RAILWAY and the Discipline Inspection Office of CPC Party Leadership Group of CHINA RAILWAY work jointly in one office.

  4. Organizations directly under CHINA RAILWAY (4): Project Quality & Safety Supervision Master Station, Capital Settlement Center, Project Management Center, and Archives and Chronicles Center.

  II. Enterprises Subordinate to CHINA RAILWAY

  1. Railway administrations (companies) (18): Harbin Railway Administration, Shenyang Railway Administration, Beijing Railway Administration, Taiyuan Railway Administration, Hohhot Railway Administration, Zhengzhou Railway Administration, Wuhan Railway Administration, Xi’an Railway Administration, Jinan Railway Administration, Shanghai Railway Administration, Nanchang Railway Administration, Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation, Nanning Railway Administration, Chengdu Railway Administration, Kunming Railway Administration, Lanzhou Railway Administration, Urumqi Railway Administration, and Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company.

  2. Specialized transport companies (3): China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., China Railway Special Cargo Services Co., Ltd., and China Railway Express Co., Ltd..

  3. Other enterprises (17): China Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd., China Academy of Railway Sciences, China Railway Economy Planning and Research Institute, CHINA RAILWAY Service Center, China Railway Information Technology Center, China Railway Publishing House, and People’s Railway Newspaper Office, Dedicated Transport Center, China Railway Art Troupe, Sports Team of Chinese Train Head Sports Association, Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation, China Railway & Banking Expresspay Co, Ltd., China Railway Development Fund Co. Ltd., China Railway International Co. Ltd., China Railway Property Self-Insurance Co. Ltd., China Railway Finance Co, Ltd., China Railway network Co. Ltd.

  III. Public Institutions Subordinate to CHINA RAILWAY (3)

  Railway Party School, China Railway Museum, Railway War-Prepared Boat & Bridge Division.