350km/h China Standard EMU Rolled Off the Line



  On June 30, the testing work for 350km/h China Standard EMU with full independent intellectual property was commenced in the loop test line of China Academy of Railway Sciences. It marks the important achievements in current stage of the development of China Standard EMUs.

  Since 2012, under the leading of CHINA RAILWAY and based on the integration of domestic strengths including enterprises and scientific research organizations of universities, the development work of China Standard EMUs has been conducted in accordance with the principle of integration, coordination and innovation of production, study, research and application units. The formulation of general technical conditions was completed in December 2013, the scheme design was finished in September 2014, and the EMU finally rolled off the production line in June 2015,

  During the design and manufacture of China Standard EMU, the principles of safety and reliability, simple and unified control, systematization and economical efficiency, and energy conservation and environmental protection were followed. Efforts were enhanced for innovation in aspects of convenient application, environmental protection, energy conservation, whole-life cost reduction and further improvement of safety redundancy. The EMU has the characteristics of being innovative, safe, intelligent, humanized and economical.

  Based on the overall arrangement of design & manufacture work of the EMU, the experimental verification and optimization will be carried out for China Standard EMU in Yuanping ~ Taiyuan Expressway of Datong ~ Xi'an Passenger Dedicated Line in the next stage. (Photo by Luo Chunxiao)